How getting closer to our customers creates better solutions

Phinsys is far from being a mere software house, yet another so-called ‘solutions provider’. IT expertise is just one of the tools – albeit a vitally important one – that we deploy to solve problems for our clients. Our key skill is in knowing how to think. And how to cut through complexity, arriving at answers that work.

Our roots as a business lie in classic consultancy. Which means we understand the importance of working with - not just for - our clients. Going in-house and becoming in effect an integral part of the client team, bringing with us substantial experience and expertise.

Getting closer to the customer is a key belief at Phinsys. Not only building up knowledge and understanding of a business and its issues, but arriving at an almost instinctive rapport with those we work with. Frequently, what begins as a one-off project evolves into ongoing partnership, with Phinsys becoming a trusted strategic adviser to the client.

It’s this combination of deep involvement and incisive thinking that enables us to arrive at measures that are both effective and closely calibrated to each client’s particular needs and circumstances. We are great believers in doing the simple things really, really well. So that everything we recommend and implement for our clients is designed from the ground up to work seamlessly at every level.


As well as intellectual capacity, Phinsys offers global capability. With offices in New York, London and Bermuda, we work with a wide range of clients, large and small, across the international insurance and banking sectors.