A flexible accounting rules engine to manage the interface to ledger systems for creating, processing and reconciling journal entries. The web-based front end is simple to configure and maintain and provides a straight-forward interface and reporting suite to identify issues in a timely manner. The finance team can automate journal production and remove any risk from a key financial process.


As insurers develop and expand their operations it is increasingly important that they are able to integrate new businesses into their Finance systems seamlessly and efficiently. Often integration will be required to one or more General Ledger packages, for local and Corporate reporting.

POSTBOX, the accounting rules engine, was designed to meet this need and to make it straight-forward to manage the creation and processing of accounting journal entries across the enterprise. Automated reconciliation and flagging of failed or altered postings is a key part of the solution enabling accountants to readily know if there are issues with their General Ledger balances. POSTBOX works with a variety of General Ledgers and can manage processes across different time zones and from different source systems.



POSTBOX is capable of creating and processing large volumes of data from several different systems, at the same time reconciling the source to target on a real-time basis.

  • Web-based accounting rules engine for creating and loading double entry journals into a variety of ledgers and financial systems.
  • Easy to configure posting rules and data validation depending on target ledger(s); instant feedback on validity of balances in the ledger.
  • Dramatically reduces time spent on manually intensive and routine accounting tasks, thereby avoiding errors and omissions.
  • Stores the data produced within it and results returned from target system for audit and reconciliation, ensuring that what was sent to the ledger was successfully posted and not altered along the way.
  • Configurable granularity of transactional data, mapping to any ledger structure; can reuse mapping patterns for consistency and ease of maintenance.
  • Creates double entry transactions by comparing source system(s) against target system(s) (GL, AP, AR, etc.) to ensure ledgers are in line with source systems.
  • Provides a reporting cube for analysis of posted data and automation of reconciliations.


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