A powerful insurance focused credit control system supporting the management of debtors, creditors and bank reconciliations. Integrating with any source system, as well as flat files and spreadsheet data, makes it easy to use. MATCHBOX provides a straightforward interface for business users to define their matching rules and for the frequent processing of automated matching.


Management of Insurance Debtors and Creditors has become an increasingly important part of the Financial operation of insurance businesses. The Lloyd’s and London Company Market model has often relied on the switch-to-signed process to ensure the debtor is managed effectively but with the introduction of Solvency II controls and Technical Provisions it has become more important to actively manage the debtor position on a real-time basis. Business development opportunities have also led to the creation of insurer-owned Coverholders and MGAs which require a more governed environment around credit control and payment generation for premiums and claims. MATCHBOX provides the controlled environment within a flexible solution that enables insurers to effectively manage their balance sheets. Integration with banking systems ensures two-way processing is provided.



With a user-friendly web-based user interface to manage the Open Items, MATCHBOX supports the reconciliation and matching of receivables and payables against Cash items and Signing messages as well as Broker, Coverholder and MGA statements. MATCHBOX supports workflow management around the creation of write-offs and provides a complete reporting suite for aged debt analysis, third party statements and cancellation notices.

  • Source system independent for the loading of data from Databases, Excel or flat files.
  • User-controlled creation of matching rules with logic to automate matching using a cascading range of logic from the more specific to the less targeted.
  • Ability to set specific write-off limits for each rule to achieve higher matched percentages, but not at the expense of accuracy of matching related items.
  • Active-directory managed security via the assignment of roles to users, ensuring only the correct users have the capability to approve write-offs within their approved limits.
  • Full audit of matched items via the storing of a unique matching key on both sides of the match, enabling reviews of matched items and straight-forward process to un-match if required.
  • Reporting suite to support aged debt analysis and production of statements and notices.


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