Making the Financial Director’s life easier – Phinsys at the Lloyd’s Lab

The finance teams in insurance companies often struggle as much as others when it comes to identifying key business metrics and bringing together multiple sources of data.  Improving efficiency is one of the foundations of the “Future of Lloyd’s” strategy and the 3rd cohort in the Lloyd’s Lab brings together scale-ups rather than start-ups.
Founded in 2010, Phinsys was chosen because of its record in providing systems to speed up and improve reporting capabilities to leading insurers.

In this week’s episode InsTech London’s Matthew Grant visited the Lloyd’s Lab and talked to Phinsys CRO Stuart Conibear and Marketing Director Ian Jones about what the company does, why they joined the Lab, and their experience so far.
We also hear why Phinsys became a corporate member of InsTech London and what gets Stuart and his team to give up their evenings to join us at our events.

Listen to the podcast below. It is also available on iTunes, Spotify and Podbean.